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So... I'm Rubi and I'm an artist. I consider myself mostly a photographer, but I'm not bad at drawing and I love printmaking! I'm kind of weird, but that's what makes me interesting. I'm super liberal and don't cope well with close-minded people. I'm kind of stubborn, and I operate by my own weird logic. I can speak English, Spanish, and some French. My language of choice is usually Sarcasm, though. If you can understand it, getting along with me will be much easier. I love losing myself in music, in a book, or in a good film and I have a crippling Zombie obsession. Also, I'm kind of in love with my zodiac sign: Taurus. And there's no place in the world that I love more than Disneyland. I mean, it's the happiest place on Earth!!
Oh yeah, and my life's ambition is to one day own a monkey who'll stand beside me when I conquer the world. I'm not asking for too much, am I?
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the moon is kind of a creep the sun is polite and leaves when it’s night time meanwhile during the day sometimes you can see the moon just



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I think I was so drawn to her character in this movie because, for all of the “craziness” society and people have bestowed on her, she absolutely owns up to all of them. She’s slept with people in her office because she was depressed her husband died. People call her a slut. So what? We’ve all got problems. Why do we judge people?" - Jennifer Lawrence on her character in Silver Linings Playbook, Tiffany Maxwell

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If you tell me you’re going to sleep and I see you 10 minutes later on Tumblr, I understand completely.


doctor who

dentist what

physician why

the trinity of confused medical professionals

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  • guy: something spooky's happening
  • fred: k we'll come check it out
  • fred: daphne, velma come with me
  • daphne: lol okei
  • shaggy: but scooby and i are terrified of everything why do you always fucking send us off alone
  • velma: shut up you two
  • shaggy and scooby: *run into monster*
  • scooby: RAGGY
  • shaggy: *oblivious to everything*
  • scooy: RAAAAGGGGGY
  • shaggy: zoinks!
  • *the monster chases them accompanied by fun music: part 1*
  • shaggy and scooby: *meet up with fred, velma, and daphne*
  • fred: what happened?
  • shaggy: M-M-MONSTER
  • velma: uh oh
  • monster: boo
  • all: AAAAH
  • *the monster chases them accompanied by fun music: part 2*
  • *they run into one room and come out of another one, i don't fucking know how that's possible*
  • velma: my glasses! i lost my glasses!
  • monster: *picks up velma's glasses and hands them to her*
  • velma: thanks. ....JINKIES!
  • *the monster chases them accompanied by fun music: part 3*
  • monster: whoops i tripped
  • scooby: i captured you
  • *they pull the monster's mask off*
  • fred: oh look it's the suspicious guy we met at the beginning of the episode who was super suspicious and greedy and he wanted money
  • suspicious guy: and i would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids and your dumb dog
  • scooby: ROOBY ROOBY ROO
  • all: *laugh*


Barbershop is a Bit Intimidating

Just a little off the top (of my brain).




neither did the oscars




neither did the oscars

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Guys. It’s adding insult to injury.